Nudes-A-Poppin 2002 II

================================================================= 08/18/2002
Quote.............Only 11 months until the next one!                

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Angel (DG) Oct 1999 Busty natural brunette Cashmere 183 Aug 2002 Black. Hot! Rings! Elaine Dayton Jul 2002 Hot busty mature blond Sunset Thomas Oct 1991 Cute perky blonde. E Tricia Devereaux Jan 1996 1996 Hottest New Star! ^ ============================================================================ Arrived when gates opened at 8:00am with my neighbors. They loved the place so much on their first visit ever that they insisted on a return trip. Normally I only visit once per year. First I must compliment the Security people. They did another outstanding job. They greeted us as we entered the fan area, they welcomed us back and they were very friendly and effective the entire day. Second I must compliment the other fans. They were also very nice to us and were all having a great time. It is nice to know that you don't have to be 18 and full of silicone to be 'beautiful'. My beautiful neighbor & her hubby & me are all in our 50's! A special thank you to a new friend A.Z. from upstate Indiana for being so nice and considerate. And, he brought his 18 year old son and it was his birthday. (Damn, what a way to celebrate!). Nice Dad! The show was great the little I saw of it. My day consists of walking around and looking at the great amateur attendee's and some of the pro contestants. I have been in an all-time greats list mode lately, so here is my Top Five All-Time Greats at Nudes-A-Poppin': 1> Angel Great real breasts and great smile. A favorite of both Dream Girls and Buttman videos. The fans adore her! 2> Hypatia Lee Winner the first time I ever attended NAP and the winner 3 years in a row! A perfectly flawless body. Beautiful. 3> Tricia Devereaux A real fan favorite and a real fun person to be around. Now has moved to be behind the camera, but still a joy to see. 4> Felicia Fox Yes, I am picking my hometown friend. She is beautiful, sexy, busty, nice, etc. And, she is real! And, her suitcase pimp is not really a pimp, but a great helpful partner for her! 5> Jan B. This hot amateur has had to curtail her recent visits because she was just too popular. I have been in the limo with her at NAP and she is incredible! 1> Ron Jeremy Number 1 male all-time! Time to give Ron credit. He is a very positive influence in the adult industry and he does a very good job as MC. The fans LOVE him! All I can say is that Nudes-a-Poppin' is a fun day and well worth a trip if you live in the mideast of the USA. ============================================================================ Comments..........August 18, 2002 visit. As good as show as July's! ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================