Naughty Bedtime Stories #01 DVD

================================================================= 07/15/2002
Quote.............Very good couples movie on even better DVD!       

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Allysin Chaynes Nov 1997 Cute petite brunette E Aurora Snow Jun 2000 2001 Rog Hottest Star ^ Ava Vincent Oct 1998 Cute aka Jewel Valmont Holly Hollywood Aug 2000 Brunette. Hot looking. Jessica Drake Aug 1999 Cute. Honey blonde. E Joelean May 2000 Cute honey blonde. Nikita Denise Mar 2000 2001 AVN Hottest Star ^ Tabitha Stevens Feb 1996 Real cute. Busty. E Violet Blue May 2000 2001 AVNs Hottest New ^ ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Simon Wolf Productions 8944 Mason Ave Telephone.........818-407-0808 Producer..........Robert Herrera Director..........Bud Lee Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Couples Points............ 9.03 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00 Monthly Top Ten) ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie reviewed from screener DVD. 8.87 Movie Review Scenes Extra. Standard DVD feature that allows you to select the scene you want to view. Choices 1 to 6. But, the extra's come in because after you select the scene you want to view you can then select the type sex activity you want to view. Also, very nice menus. Bonus Material Extra. Bios. Interviews of: (Disk 2) Ava 09/01/2001 11 mins 52 secs. Nikita 08/25/2001 5 mins 55 secs. Aurora 01/23/2002 6 mins 51 secs. Holly 11/20/2001 6 mins 34 secs. Chris Cannon 11/02/2001 4 mins 2 secs. Evan Stone 05/03/2001 15 mins 45 secs. Director Interview. The Feud Continues. They're not idiots, they're whacked. Is there something for this rash? He never wears clothes. That's his logo The Simon Wolf Compound What's Next? * Magic Sex * The Legend of Wolf Creek * Simon Wolf.TV 11 mins 19 secs. Extra. Bloopers. Poor Jessica got a real workout and is real cute in her reading her lines. Allysin & Randy both have a few problems with lines. Aurora in sex action. Nikita having fun mixing up the English and then having fun! Holly with her new red hair color & flubbing her lines. Nikita takes a facial. Ava picks her nose. Holly eats Ava. Tabitha talking nasty. Evan & Violet having fun. Ava doing tongue tricks. 13 mins 23 secs. Extra. Behind the Scenes. Violet with her hair in rollers and smoking a cigarette outdoors reading her line. Bud Lee directing them & talks to camera. Ron Vogel doing his thing. Includes hardcore action. Randy & Allysin in hardcore action. Robert watching the action. Holly drinking coffee. Ava talks about her kitty cat. Ava & Holly playing around. Gals pose for still pictures. Joelean teases. Aurora anal. Tabitha getting down. Nikita loves her work! 17 mins 44 secs. Extra. Movie Previews. Dripping Wet Sex 1 2 mins 2 secs. Love at First Byte 5 mins 40 secs. Blue Angel 2 mins 1 sec. Extra. Bonus Scene. Dripping Wet Sex 1 Tabitha & Julian & Gina Ryder. Hot hardcore scene. 15 mins 40 secs. Love at First Byte. Aurora & Evan Stone. Hot hardcore action. 14 mins 59 secs. Blue Angel. Nikita & Chris Cannon & Joey Ray. Hot hardcore action. 13 mins 49 secs. Extra. Photographs. Naughty Bedtime Stories 21 pictures Blue Angel 7 pictures Dripping Wet Sex #1 7 pictures Dripping Wet Sex #2 7 pictures Love at First Byte 7 pictures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie.......A very good couple movie with a nice cast, sexy story lines, great special effects and hot sex. The gals will love the Joelean 'penis envy' morphing! Very good camera work. DVD Extras..An even better DVD. The DVD picture quality is real good and the sound is good. The DVD extra's are outstanding. Lots and lots of nice extras. Simon Wolf is a top shelf DVD production company! Good quality stuff that has special effects that are good for the action rather than getting in the way of the action. And, the sex action is hot also. The DVD is better than the movie and is a must see DVD! 9.20 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: Feb 2002. Release date: Sept 2002 Good couples movie on outstanding couples DVD with many nice DVD extra's. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================ DVD Rating Notes