Night Calls 411 (2002/05/22)

================================================================= 06/16/2002
Quote.............Another hot one with Crystal and Tera!            

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Crystal Knight Jun 1997 Cute sexy black actress. Tera Patrick Jul 1999 1999 CAVR Best New Star. 2000 CAVR Fan Favorite! 2001 CAVR Fan Favorite! Kitana Baker Nov 2001 Hot busty brunette. Tanya Danielle Sep 2000 Blonde Cute Busty Cheyenne Silver Apr 1998 Hot sexy Wildcat! Kaylynn Jul 1998 Sexy tall slum brunette. Devon Oct 1998 Sexy cute blonde. ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Playboy Entertainment Group Web Site 9242 Beverly Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90210 Producer..........Jamie Battista Director..........Brian Linton Minutes...........90 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............R Pro Category..........TV/Web/Mag Points............ 4.50 (Scale is 1.00 to 5.00 Monthly Top Ten) ============================================================================ This is a real cool cable show like no other. You have one of the hottest black stars in the business (Crystal Kight) matched with one of the hottest stars in the business of all-time (Tera Patrick) and you can participate in this live broadcast. * Telephone number 1-800-359-8100 * Email * Website ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tera & Crystal open the show. Crystal has a sexy black dress with extreme cleavage and Tera has this see-through scarf wrapped around her beauties that is absolutely mouth watering with her breasts just bouncing all over the place and micro black skirt. Sitting on sofa, they talk to one another about how long it will be until the audience gets to see nipples. Crystal brings them out and now is topless. The topic for the night, 'Is masturbation best by yourself or with a partner'. Kitana loves both, either alone or with a guy. She loves to watch a guy doing it. Tera prefers to masturbate with a guy, does not like to do it by herself. She loves to watch a guy doing it. Crystal loves to watch a guy 'jacking off'. And, she likes to do it in front of a guy. Crystal always takes her pocket rocket vibrator with her on her trips. Phone call from a couple. They are each playing with themselves in front on one another. She is playing with her double headed dildo. She wants to see Tera's breast. Crystal sucks Tera's nipples. Crystal does butterfly motion on Tera's nipples. Caller says, 'Thank you'. Tera is now topless. Kitana is topless as she reads an email from a sexy lady. Tera applies her 'Tera' jell to Crystal's pussy and the runs over and applies it to Kitana's pussy. Phone call from a couple. They are each masturbating in front one another. She can make herself cum with just using her hand. Caller likes tits. Caller wants to lick Tera's tits. Dancer's in background are playing with one another using a black dildo. Crystal plays with her pussy real close to Tera. Caller has her guy lick her pussy. May is masturbation month. It is healthy for you. It prolongs your life! Call from Johnny Jackoff. First you got to get it lubed up. Tera wants caller to explain the best way to stroke it. Crystal gets some lube and applies it to the dildo that Tera is holding. Crystal says, 'the more you cum the more you can'. Crystal is stroking it real good and then Tera strokes it. He wants to cum on Crystal's ass and she spreads it for him and he strokes off on Crystal's ass. Call from another guy. He is stroking it. Crystal talks to him. Ladies ask him a bunch of questions. He is watching a Taylor Hayes DVD. He uses astro glide and ky jelly together. I am a pussy man. Taylor is fingering himself as he strokes it. Tera & Crystal topless on the sofa and talking as they come back from commercial breaks. Tera likes anal sex and she likes to put toys in her ass. Devon in a clip from Digital Playground's Virtual Sex with Devon. CAVR Review Devon joins Tera and Crystal. Hot sexy dress. Crystal & Tera are both topless. Devon talks about being a dancer. Devon needs penetration when she masturbates. Devon shows off her ass. Crystal removes Devon's panties. Devon lowers her top and shows off her boobs. All 3 gals on the sofa are topless. Devon loves the pocket rocket vibrator. Devon gives a demo using vibrator on her clit. They do dildo demo's using a play pussy. Tera uses a vib egg on her clit and she loves it. Crystal puts vib egg on Devon's clit. Devon demo's how she strokes her man. He loves the corkscrew motion. Tanya is nude and dancing in the bacground. Devon 2 hand strokes the dildo. Cheyenne and Kaylynn are sharing a dildo. Phone call from a couple. He is stroking himself as he is watching his wife doing solo. He used a penis pump and it has made himself 2 inches longer. He talks about how he likes to stroke it. She likes a double dildo with one in each hole. Dancers in background are having fun in a bath tub as Cheyenne eats out Kaylynn. Tera rubs her pussy on Cheyenne's ass. Both go bottomless. Tera rubs her pussy all over Cheyenne's ass. Back on the sofa, Crystal is playing with Devon's pussy. When they return from commercials, Tera & Crystal are on the sofa and Devon, Cheyenne & Kaylynn are on chairs in front of them using dildos for some solo fun. Scene from Devon Stripped. CAVR Review Ginger Lynn and Devon in a scene. Kitana pulls out the winning entry for the secret word. Sadie Allison is the next guest. Sadie's Website Author of a book about masturbation. Started masturbation at age 8! 'Tickle Your Fancy' is her book. Crystal goes topless. Tera is covered up. Sadie is real sexy. 60 illustrations. Cheyenne & Kaylynn are doing dildo solo. Tera is now topless. Sadie directs them on the sofa as they masturbate for one another. Sadie watches porn and has seen Tera in action. Sadie gives each a masturbation start kit. Sadie cherry picked the contents. All the gals are getting into their toys. Sadie demo's her products that tickle your kitty. Phone call from a lady. Her hubby bought her the Tickle Your Fancy book to encourage her to masturbate. She talks about what she has learned from the book. She wants to lick Sadie's breasts. She talks sexy about what she wants to do to Sadie. Sadie talks to the caller. They do the figure 8 technique. Sadie's favorite is 3 fingers in a circular motion in her clit and labia lips. Devon does clit solo. Cheyenne and Kaylynn use lube and do clit solo. Sadie urges the lady caller on to 'cum for me'. Joe calls. I am stroking right now. Wants to see Tera all bent over. Tera is nude with scarf around her ass as Crystal plays with Tera's ass and Sadie gets a birdseye view of Tera's tits. He strokes it as he talks to the ladies. They tie Tera's hands behind her. 'I want you to f..k my pussy'. Credits: Hostesses: Crystal Knight Tera Patrick Net Nympho: Kitana Baker Guests: Sadie Allison Devon Dancers: Vanessa James Erica Samuel Cheyenne Silver Kaylynn Tanya Daniella Sorry to report, but Sadie never showed them off. Maybe next time! ============================================================================ Comments..........Live broadcast date: May 22, 2002. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================