Up In A Puff...

================================================================= 03/15/2002
Quote.............Poor camera work, poor audio & lots of smoking.   

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Ami Lee Mar 2002 Petite blonde. Cherry Rain Jul 2000 Brunette. 32A's. Heather Oaks Feb 2002 Cute blonde. Jayne Diamond Mar 2002 Cute light blonde. Nika DeVita Feb 2002 Slim. Black hair. Rose Lynn Jan 2002 Streaked hair. Cute. Shelby Belle Feb 2002 Cute blonde. Terri Belle Mar 2002 Hot blonde. ============================================================================ Distributed By....4 Play Video Web Site 21101 Osborne St Canoga Park CA 91304 Producer/Director.Ed Powers Supplied By.......Video News Web Site Minutes...........99 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............R&X Combo Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 7.00 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Nika. Topless. Smoking cigar. Nude. On bed with bikini Cherry. Both smoking cigars. Nude. Titty sucking. Cherry clit solo. Nika eats Cherry. Cherry eats Nika & blows smoke on her pussy, uses strap-on dildo on her in doggy position. 2> Justin Time smoking cigar. Heather gives him head as Ed safe screws her from behind. No hands BJ. ? Ed pours condom on her shoulder and on her breast. Very poor camera angles. Nude. Justin screws Heather as she smokes cigarette. Large leg tattoo. He now pours condom on her breast. Agian, very poor camera work. 3> Rose. Nude on bed. Clit solo & smoking cigar. Dildo solo. Safe BJ. Safe screwing Ed. Anal. Ed strokes off on side of her face. 4> Cherry nude on bed. Smoking cigarette. Clit solo. Smoking. Various positions. Solo & cigarette smoking. 5> Nika & Heather. Nude on bed. Heather smoking cigarette. Toe sucking. Nika smokes cigar. Foot worship. Ed strokes himself off. Clit solo. Lots of very quick cuts. 6> Ami. Nude. Smoking cigarette & sitting on toilet. Nika & Ed. Hope you don't get dizzy. Smoking. Cherry & Jayne. Smoking. Kissing. Ed in muscle shirt & strokes off on Nika's back. 7> Cherry & Nika. Smoking & taking bath. Other ladies smoking. ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date: 03/05/2002. Good cast ID at end. ============================================================================ Reviewed By.......www.cavr.com den@cavr.com ============================================================================