GM Las Vegas Revue 2002

================================================================= 02/21/2002
Quote.............Tera Patrick & Den in the same movie?

================= Name ===================================================== Stars.............Bianca (GM) Alexandra Quinn Phoenix Ray Angela Sunmmers Porsch Lynn Bianca Thrump Tabitha Stern Candy Apples Catalina Cori Love Alana Evans Lola Minka Samantha Love Sierra Tera Patrick Teri Weigel TS Vanity Violet Blue ============================================================================ Distributed By....GM Video Web Site P.O. Box 1339 Telephone.........800-829-1285 Producer/Director.George Martin Supplied By.......Video News Web Site Minutes...........83 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............Combo Category..........Show Points............ 8.50 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ Always wanted to attend one of these conventions, but couldn't? No problem, GM Video to the rescue! Put off with the high cost of attendance (only $25.00 per day)? No problem, GM Video to the rescue! Put off with the No Camera's Allowed policy? No problem, GM Video to the rescue! Put off with the No nudity/No flashing policy? No problem, GM Video to the rescue! Put off with the hour restrictions (1:00 pm to 5:00pm)? No problem, GM Video to the rescue! Bianca is one the boxcover and is the cool hostess. If anyone can talk the ladies into showing their tops and even their bottoms, it is Bianca and GM Video. Sure hope the bosses at AVN don't see this tape. Highlights: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Spike of toy company is interviewed. * Dirty Bob of AVN fame interviewed. In his 3rd decade of attending. Attended his first convention in 1989. * Phoenix (at Elegant Angel) gets her naked titties sucked by Bianca. * 45 minute erections booth visit. * Orgazm booth visit. Bianca applies jell to her naked labia & clit. Porsch is their spokesperson. Bianca flashes. Porsch flashes her both pierced nipples. * Steve is interviewed. Mike South walks by in background. * Cum-Kleen booth visit. Bianca uses product to wipe herself clean. * Bondage playful whipping demo. * Tabitha at Cinderella booth. Flashes her boobs. * Catalina (blonde wig) poses. * 2 gals with lots of tattoo's pose. Flash briefly. Kiss. * Busty brunette flashes her nipple. * Brunette with 'hands' on her boobs. * Asian lady talks to camera. Poses & teases. * Super busty blonde gets bush shaved. * Black gal flashes her boobs. * Tera signing autographs. * Asian dancing on top of a booth. * Teri shows off her 'pedals'. * Bianca Thrump & Blonde signing at a booth. Both flash boobs. * Stacy admiring the lady in a cage. * Light redhead poses with fan & feet above her head. * Asian poses and she forgot her panties. * Alexandra Quinn posing at Elegant Angel booth. * Grafiy booth visited. * Gal in bondage outfit demo's sex chair. Flashes bush. * Michelle St. James interviewed. See through top. Oops, yours truly walks by in the background. * Bianca gets a message. * Redhead with feet over her head. * Vanna Lace interviewed. * Bianca interviewed Angela Summers and Don. Bianca's Website Bianca topless as Angela almost sucks her nipple. * Vanity the TS interviewed and flashes boobs. * Candy poses outside as cars go by. Interviewed by George Martin. Candy in room. Light brunette joins Candy. On sofa. Kissing. Remove tops. She has nice real small breasts and Candy says she 'paid alot of money for mine'. Titty sucking by each. Nude. She eats Candy. Large back tattoo. She 2 fingers Candy. Candy eats her shaved bush, 2 fingers her. Fingers her in doggy position, uses green dildo on her as she plays with her clit. Candy tastes the dildo. She tastes the dildo. They move to the bed. She uses dildo on Candy as Candy does clit solo. 69 with her on top of Candy. Fingering. Kissing. Sitting up and fingering one another. Candy eats her some more. She eats Candy again as she does clit solo. Sitting and facing one another as they rub their bushes together. Kissing. Peek of her sitting on toilet. Ladies getting dresses back on the sofa. They kiss good-bye. About 20 mins. * Minka interviewed. 48KK. Flashes them. * Blonde gets a shave from the pussy razor. She flashes her boobs. * Private black gal smoking & flashes her bush. * Mike South interviewed. * Cori Love interviewed. Flashes her boobs. Cori website * Dave Cummings interviewed. 61 years old. * Max Hardcore interviewed. * Lolo flashes her bush. * Latino interviewed. Flashes her bush. * Busty blonde interviewed. * Another lady gets a shave. * Daisy Dukes & Jessie J. interviewed. Daisy flashes boobs. * Busty blonde dances on top of booth. * Busty Latino flashes boobs. * Alana Evans shows top of her boob. * Busty brunette is topless. * Cute Asian gal flashes her boobs. * Erotic Martha up the skirt footage. * TS Vanity shows her breasts. * Sierra with just her nipples covered. * Layla Jade's new boobs are revealed by Bianca. * Kitty Beverly flashes. * Samantha Sterylng flashes. * Violet Blue poses with fans. * Samantha Love and Southern Comfort on camera. * Black ladies flashing tops and bottoms. * Teri poses on stage surrounded by guys. * Sabrina Johnson shows off her flashing clit ring. * Alexandra Quinn posing & teasing. * Black gal flashes her real nice boobs. * Kat Kleevage & Rick Masters. ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date: 01/31/2002. The convention floor coverage is real good and yes some of the ladies flash even though it is against the rules. The staged event with Candy Apples is good, but I would have preferred more convention floor footage. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================