Goo Girls #07

================================================================= 02/15/2002
Quote.............Rodney continues to put out hot videos.           

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bisexual Britni Oct 2001 Slim blonde. Tattoo's. Claudia Adkins Sep 2000 Hot brunette. Katura Feb 2002 Hot Asian. Tattoo's. Lacie Coxx Oct 2001 Cute redhead. Lee Jul 1999 Redhead. Perky tits. Rain River Oct 2001 Cute slim brunette. Vantasia Jun 2001 Hot redhead. Into it. ============================================================================ Distributed By....Odyssey Group Video (OGV) Web Site P.O. Box 15339 Telephone.........800-369-6214 Producer/Director.Rodney Moore Web Site Supplied By.......Video News Web Site Minutes...........135 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 8.96 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Rain & Britni & Lacie & Rodney. Striptease. Nude. Britni & Lacie do les as Rain gives BJ/handjob. Eating. Screwing cowgirl. Les 69. Screwing each going down the line. Screwing & les eating. Dual BJ. Britni anal. Rain A2M. Solo. Les chain. Cums on bush. Swaps cum. 9.30 2> Vantasia & Rodney. In bathroom. Nude. Doing hair. Clit solo. No hands BJ. Cum bubbles. Sloppy BJ. Cums on her hair. Takes shower. 8.70 3> Lee & Wolf Savage. Strips. Nude. BJ/handjob. Sloppy BJ. Closed mouth facial. Lots of cum. 8.80 4> Claudia & Rodney. Sexy little outfit. Touching. Nude. Titty play. No hands BJ. BJ/handjob. Eats her. Screwing cowgirl, reverse cowgirl using his sex stool & clit solo. Ball sucking. Screwing upside down, doggy, rev cowgirl, side ways, cowgirl, from behind her, on her back, on her head, spoon. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. 9.00 5> Katura & Rodney. Outdoors. Posing & teasing. Nipple rings. Arm & leg tattoo's. No hands BJ. In room. Nude. No hands BJ. Sloppy BJ. No hands BJ. Clit solo. Eats her. Rims her. Shealth condom screwing on her back, from behind her, squatting, cowgirl riding. Fingers her ass. Anal on her back & 2 fingers solo, doggy position, reverse cowgirl, side saddle, rev cowgirl leaning back. No hands BJ. Rodney blast facial. Lots of cum. Hubby in non-sex role. 9.00 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production dates: 05/2001 - 08/2001. Good ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================