Night Calls 411 (12/12/2001)

================================================================= 12/12/2001
Quote.............Another hot cable show. You've gotta check it out!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Crystal Knight Jun 1997 Cute black actress. E Kitana Baker Nov 2001 Hot busty brunette. Tera Patrick Jul 1999 2000 Fan Favorite! ^ Zana May 2001 Busty cute blonde. E Alyiah Aug 2001 Asian. Busty. Skye Ashton Dec 2001 Busty cute blonde. Nadya Dec 2001 Busty brunette. Kai Dec 2001 Asian. Cute. Busty. Bronze Jul 1999 Black. Hot lady. E Cheyenne Silver Apr 1998 aka Wildcat. E Chrissy Aug 2000 Cute blonde. ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Playboy Entertainment Group Web Site 9242 Beverly Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90210 Producer..........Jamie Battista Director..........Brian Linton Minutes...........90 Quality/Lighting..Good Category..........TV/Web Cam ============================================================================ This is a real cool cable show like no other. You have one of the hottest black stars in the business (Crystal Kight) matched with one of the hottest stars in the business of all time (Tera Patrick) and you can participate in this live broadcast. * Telephone number 1-800-359-8100 * Email * Website ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tera & Crystal open the show in hot sexy Santa outfits. Tera throws a snowball at the audience. Tonights topic. Are sex toys on your Christmas list? Kitana opens her christmas present. Clip from Fat Joe music video featuring Tera & Crystal. Tera talks about her favorite sex toy. Seems that Tera doesn't really use toys. But, her roommate Samantha Phillips does like toys and has a strap-on dildo. Tera gives Crystal the swan sex toy from the Tera Patrick collection. Crystal says her favorite sex toy is the pocket rocket. Tera has another toy that comes in crystal color that she is going to give to Crystal. Crystal has learned recently how to squirt. And they must have discussed this on previous shows. Phone call. Melodie talks to them and tells about her boyfriend & her using their sex toys together. Tera gets topless. Crystal sucks Tera's tits. Melodie cums even if it is a real quite one. Fashion Show with Tera & Crystal describing the outfits: Bronze in a hot Playboy sexy outfit. Sky in a hot blue & red outfit. Aliyah in a hot sporty outfit. Cheyenne in a hot very sexy outfit. Kia in a hot sexy one piece. Playboy Store Bronze in a sexy purple outfit. Sky in hot black see-through outfit. Aliyah in very low cut bra and t-back. Cheyenne in wildcat bustier and pj's. Kia in see-through teddi. Tera says she is in the mode for some Kia food. Free shipping & handling if you order now. Note: I was surprised at what I thought was the reasonable costs of the items. Some were even downright inexpensive. Michelle calls in. She is alone tonight and wants to talk to the ladies (Crystal & Tera) as she plays with her strap-on dildo. Tera licks Crystal tits like a real pro as the ladies to the side are dual titty sucking Cheyenne. Santa has 2 topless ladies on his lap. Crystal goes topless. Tera & Crystal dual suck Crystal's nipple. Michelle is getting into it. Tera plays with her own nipples and pulls them. Crystal sucks Tera's tits. Michelle wants to know what to get her girlfriend for Christmas. Tera suggests a movie starring Crystal. Tera and Crystal autographing clothes that will be available on a Playboy auction in February. Guest 1. Zana. Hot red sexy outfit. Crystal comments on the outfit and that this show is turning into an info commercial for Playboy clothes. Zana is a sex addict and loves sex. Demos a dildo on the end of a drill. Tera takes control of it and it is obvious that Tera is not famliar with sex toys. Zana has sex all the time and the longest she can go without sex is 1 day! She is bi, but loves 'dick' the most. Zana tells story about ordering pizza as she goes topless. She wanted to pay for it 'in trade'. His mouth dropped. He ended up returning after his shift ended. Tera gives Zana a flashing dildo. Kitana & Tera kiss & then Tera kisses her tits. Bronze & Cheyenne are topless and playing around. Tera passes out sex toys to all the topless ladies and even to Santa. They have all kinds of toys on a table as the ladies look at them and even play and investigate the toys. Tera strokes a realistic penis that she says feels like real skin. Tera does her corkscrew stroking demostration. While all this is going on, the other ladies are playing around. Phone call from Susann. She talks to Tera and Crystal as we get to see Cheyenne and Bronze are really getting into kissing one another. Tera tries hot hotters booby oil on Zana as Zana gets nude. Tera and Zana uses the oil on each others breasts. Tera blows on Zana'a nipples. Susann's fiancee is eating her out. Then Tera and Zana both play with Crystal's tits. Susann tells how she would eat Crystal as Crystal does a clit solo. She is teasing Crystal. Tera plays with her great breasts! Susann cums for the ladies. Cheyenne is on the Sybian sex machine as she rides it up & down and Tera puts whip cream on her tit and licks it off. Phone call from Stacy. New York lady with accent. She talks about her sex toy and that she is giving her dildo a real workout along with her newest sex toy, the tongue. Bronze & Cheyenne are titty playing using whip cream. Stacy talks about the last show and how hot Tera was with Charlie and then wiped her juices all over Crystal's face. Tera removes her panties. Stacy cums for them. This is the last show for 2001. Tera & Crystal on the sofa. Kitana picks a winner for the Hedionism Club. Special word is jingle balls. Guest 2 is Cheyenne Silver. She joins them wearing a hot sexy red dress. Cheyenne plays with her hair. All 3 ladies discuss the various sex toys. Cheyenne likes the pocket rocket. Power tools turn Cheyenne on. She loves toys that you can use for DP. Call from David and Renee. She likes the pocket rocket. Crystal is playing with Cheyenne and rubs vib on Cheyenne's lips as Cheyenne loves it. David & Renee are getting it on and then Renee cums. Call from Irene. She likes the humming bird sex toy. Cheyenne does solo using vib. Irene uses the humming bird as she talks to Tera. Cheyenne deep throats a dildo. Crystal uses dildo on Cheyenne as Tera talks to them. Cheyenne is now topless. Irene cums as the ladies continue to play around. Tera tells Irene to check out her latest movie, 'Forbidden Tales'. Call from Deanna. She has a big black dildo. She has cum about 6 times already from the show. Bronze gives very large dildo a BJ. Crystal talks nasty as Deanna really gets into it and has a long and vocal orgasm. All the ladies are having fun. Call from Andre of Canada. Tera holds up her Island Fever DVD. He wants to talk about sex toys, not movies. You girls are 'so amazing'. Call from Missy. Tera & Crystal & Cheyenne on the sofa and the other ladies are off to the side having fun. Tera is playing with her own tits as if she was in the line at the bank. (As reported on The Tera Patrick Show last night). Cheyenne sucks Crystal's tits as Tera sicks her own tits. Tera does clit solo and plays with her pubic hair as snow appears. Cheyenne eats Tera and Crystal plays with Cheyenne's ass. Missy is getting into it as her 'old man' is jacking off. 'Thank you'. Santa is sitting on chair as 2 nurses join him and they hook him up with an electric pulse device around his penis as one of the ladies uses controls to take care of Santa. Tera says to visit her site to see a video clip from her newest movie, Forbidden Tales. Tera Patrick Movie Review Show ends with, 'Safe Sex is Great Sex'. ============================================================================ Comments..........Live cable show. A real fun event that is all original programming by Playboy. Tera is everywhere with the clip of her and Crystal doing a music video. Title credits revealed that Santa was none other than the gentleman of adult movies, Mr. Dave Cummings. My trial membership to the Playboy Channel expires on 12/15/2001. Tera Patrick Crystal Knight Kitana Baker Dave Cummings Playboy Sybian Playboy Auctions Sex Toys Playboy Store Perfect Date Next Live Broadcast is February 13, 2002. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================