Nasty Nymphos #33

================================================================= 11/28/2001
Quote.............Hot movie. Great to see Veronica Velour!          

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Jesse J Nov 2001 Cute honey blonde. ^ Jodie Moore Sep 2001 Cute blonde Aussie. E Judy Star Oct 2000 Montreal. Honey blonde Kennedy Aug 2001 Light brunette. Shyla Nov 2001 Canada. Cute blonde. Veronica Velour Oct 2001 Deaf. Hot honey blonde ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Anabolic Video Web Site 534 Victoria Ave. Venice CA 90291 Email Producer/Director.Christopher Alexander Minutes...........130 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Interracial Points............ 9.10 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00 Monthly Top Ten) ============================================================================ 1> Jesse. Interview. Mark Davis & Erik Everhead. No hands BJ. Dual BJ. Screwing & no hands BJ. Rimjob. Anal & BJ. DP doggy position, rev cowgirl & clit solo. Double anal. Open mouth facials. 9.30 2> Judy & Lexington. In room. Titty sucking. BJ/handjob. Screwing on a chair & clit solo, holding her up, cowgirl riding, on her back, doggy position, on her back. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. 8.80 3> Veronica & Marcus. BJ/handjob. Ball sucking. Screwing rev cowgirl. Nude. Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl riding, doggy position. Anal on her back, doggy. Open mouth facial. Erik. gives her facial. 8.90 4> Kennedy & Erik. In room. Interview. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Rims him. Nude. Screwing doggy position, rev cowgirl, spoon, on her back. Anal side ways. Open mouth facial. Swallows. 9.00 5> Jodie. Hot pink see-through top. Interview. Erik & Lexington. Titty sucking. Nude. Eats her. No hands BJ. Screwing & no hands BJ in various positions. Double vag reverse cowgirl position. Screwing & BJ. Anal & BJ. DP rev cowgirl, doggy. Open mouth facials. 9.20 6> Shyla & Erik & Marcus. BJ/handjob for each. Screwing & BJ. Nude. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ. Ball sucking. Clit solo. Screwing & BJ. Rims Erik. Screwing & BJ. Double vag rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl, doggy position. Open mouth facial. Swallows. 2nd facial. 9.40 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: 10/28/2001. Good ladies ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================