Night Calls 411 (11/28/2001)

================================================================= 11/28/2001
Quote.............Charlie says, 'I did Tera Patrick!' and she did!!!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bronze Jul 1999 Black. Cute. Busty. E Calli Cox Mar 2001 Cute busty blonde. E Charlie Jan 1997 Real cute brunette. E Cheyenne Silver Apr 1998 Cute natural Wildcat! Crystal Knight Jun 1997 Cute black actress. E Juli Ashton Oct 1995 Cute blonde actress. E Kitana Baker Nov 2001 Hot busty brunette. Logan LaBrent Jul 2001 Busty sexy brunette. E Tera Patrick Jul 1999 2000 Fan Favorite! ^ ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Playboy Entertainment Group Web Site 9242 Beverly Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90210 Producer..........Night Calls Web Site Minutes...........90 Quality/Lighting..Good Category..........TV/Web Cam ============================================================================ Tera & Crystal are the co-hosts. You can contact the show by phone no. (1-800-359-8100) or by email ( or by website ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tera has a hot new hair due with her hair up on top of her head and she has funky eyelashes. Looking good! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Post Card. Tera & Crystal & Juli in Jamaica having fun. They had alot of fun & took an email from Manchow in Chicago. Guest: Logan. AVN nominee for best new starlet. She shows off her big breasts. Tera removes her bottoms shows her kitty. Crystal shows her kitty. They take a phone calls. Crystal sucks Logan tits. Crystal topless. Tera topless. Logan sucks Crystal's tits. Tera licks Logan's tit. Logan sucks Tera's tit. Cheyenne gives dildo a BJ. Crystal sucks Logan's tits. Crystal spanks Tera's ass. Tera & Logan tit-to-tit play. Tera nude. Logan nude & getting message from Bronze. Guest: Charlie joins Tera & Crystal. She was on the 'Tera Show'. Clip from Beautiful Nasty Charlie topless. Charlie sucks Tera's tits. Phone call asks Tera to sit on Charlie's face. Charlie eats Tera out & it looks real to me. Tera cums. Charlie eats her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie plays with Crystal's pubic hair & rubs her clit. Tera plays with Charlie's tits & sucks them. Charlie eats Crystal. Guest: Calli Cox. AVN Nominee for Best New Starlet. Calli topless. Calli nude. Calli eats Crystal. Tera gives a caller some 'spine'. Calli eats Crystal to a cum. 'Tera you are so beautiful'. Calli sucks Tera's tits. Crystal says that 'Tera is a dyke now'. Calli sucks Tera tits as Tera feeds them to her. In hot tub, Logan eats Cheyenne Silver. Calli eats Tera. Kitana topless & playing with her own breasts. Crystal spanks Calli. Tera & Calli nipple-to-nipple play. Charlie in hot tub les kissing hot brunette. Cheyenne eating out a lady. Tera plays with Calli's breasts. All out action with Tera & Calli & Kitana on sofa while Crystal and Charlie get together. Closes show with: Safe Sex is Great Sex. ============================================================================ Comments..........Tera 'Tits on a Stick' and Crystal Knight co-host. Tera is the number 1 adult star today! Tera was nominated by AVN for Best Tease Performance. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================