North Pole #26

================================================================= 11/20/2001
Quote.............Good couples type sex from Peter North.           

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Julie Ryan Jun 2001 Blonde. Cute. Giggles. Kaylee Jul 2001 Cute blonde. Tattoo. Siliva Nov 2001 Hot cute brunette. Tabitha Stern Nov 2000 Cutey blonde. 32A's. Tawny Roberts Sep 2001 Cute petite blonde. ============================================================================ Distributed By....New Sensations Web Site 21345 Lassen St. Suite 150 Telephone.........800-748-6767 Producer/Director.Peter North Supplied By.......Video News Web Site Minutes...........90 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Couples Points............ 8.80 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Kay & Peter North & Jay Ashley. Nude. On sofa. Dual titty sucking. BJ/handjob for each. Dual BJ. Screwing & BJ from behind her, side saddle & clit solo, reverse cowgirl & no hands BJ. Good close ups. Anal on her back & no hands BJ. Open mouth facials. 9.00 2> Siliva & Peter North. In room. Hot panty & bra outfit. Kissing. Top- less. Titty sucking. Kissing. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ/handjob. Screwing rev cowgirl, doggy position, side way. Open mouth facial. 8.70 3> Tawny & Ricky. In living room. Undresses. Hot white/black panty & bra. Nude. Nice all natural body. Kissing. Titty sucking. Eats her & fingers her. 2 fingers her. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Screwing her from behind, on her back, side saddle. Open mouth facial. 8.70 4> Julie & Peter North. In room. Topless. Titty sucking. Giggles. Nude. Teases. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Titty screwing. Ball sucking. BJ/handjob. Screwing her from behind, rev cowgirl, on her back. Open mouth facial. 8.80 5> Tabitha & Jonathan Stern. On sofa. Kissing. Making out. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Nude. Eats her. Fingers her. Screwing on her back, reverse cowgirl, doggy position. Open mouth facial. BJ clean up. 8.80 Notes: Tabitha would be in my top ten, but only works with her hubby. Camera by Marc Giffy who always gives us very good camera work! ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: 08/17/2001. Good ladies ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================