Utimate Stretch

================================================================= 10/25/2001
Quote.............Krista sets world record, 8 dildos at once!       

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Anastasia X Dec 2000 Cute frizzy redhead. E Brandi Lyons Jul 1999 Amateur. Cute redhead. Jayla Oct 2001 Cute redhead. Tattoo's Krista Leigh Dec 1997 Cute actress. Mia Dumor Oct 1999 Cute brunette. Saki St. Jermaine Jan 1992 Asian. Hot. Busty. E ============================================================================ Distributed By....Totally Tasteless Video Web Site 12229 Montaque St Arleta CA 91331 Email Producer/Director.None Supplied By.......Rental Minutes...........83 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Girl/Girl Points............ 8.50 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Krista & Blonde. In room. Nude. Busty babes. Vib dildo for Blonde. Good close ups of the in & out action. Clit solo. Say hi to George, a big dildo as she gets real wet & it flys out of her. Squat solo on large black dildo. Super thick dildo is next. Pee hole catherers used on blonde by guy with gloves on. 2> Krista & Anastasia. In room. Dildo for Anastasia, larger one, dildo with handle on end, flesh colored dildo, thick one again. 3> Krista & Brandi. On bed. Krista uses dildo on Brandi on her back, next up is a standard sized white dildo as Brandi does clit solo, then a standard sized double ended dildo is inserted for some good in & out action, another longer dildo is used, a thicker dildo makes an entrance next. Krista eats Brandi. 4> Krista & Mia. In bathroom. Mia works on Krista, eats her, uses dildo on her, wood dildo, 2 dildos & 2 fingers, inserts plastic speculum, thicker dildo with clit solo. Mia eats her. 6 fingers. 2 dildos. Very thick dildo is used & then also 4 fingers. 5> Krista & Saki & Loretta Stering & her hubby. 'Going for the Record'. 6 dildos at once, 7 and then 8 dildos at once. Smiles. Super close ups. Then, she squirts all 8 of them out at once! ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date: 10/12/2001. Cast ID list only. ============================================================================ Reviewed By.......www.cavr.com den@cavr.com ============================================================================