Rocco: Animal Trainer #06

================================================================= 09/13/2001
Quote.............Hot, hot sex. Face slapping & choking is not!     

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Amanda Angel Jul 2000 Blonde. Cute. Brenda (Scotland) Jan 2001 Hot brunette. Jessica (Budapest) Jul 1998 Euro. Cute brunette. Karma Jun 1999 Euro. Busty brunette. Katy Dec 1997 Hot Euro brunette. Malorie Sep 2001 Euro. Cute blonde. Monika Sweetheart Apr 2000 Private. Hot. Musky Sep 2001 Euro. Hot brunette. Pussy Sep 2001 Euro. Hot blonde. Renata May 1997 Euro. Hot brunette. Sabina Dec 1998 Private. Brunette ============================================================================ Distributed By....Evil Angel Video Web Site 14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C Van Nuys CA 91405 Email Producer..........Rocco Siffredi Productions Web Site Director..........Rocco Siffredi Supplied By.......Rental Minutes...........136 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 8.88 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Pussy. Ball gag in mouth. Brunette wrapped in toilet paper gives bouncing ball dildo a BJ & then it is used on her. Squat dildo screwing on the bouncing dildo ball. Nacho & Brunette joins. Screwing. Head under water faucet. Les anal dildo play. Guy joins. Tastes dildo. Screwing & eating at the Y. Anal & les face sitting. Dual BJ. Anal. Squat dildo solo. Anal. A2M. Anal. A2M. Les 69. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. More open mouth facials. 9.20 2> Sabina & Rocco & Malorie & Leslie Taylor. Outdoors. Anal didlo play. Rims lady with pony harness. BJ/handjob. Dual BJ. Screwing & BJ. No hands BJ. Anal doggy position. A2M. Anal. Indoors. Toe sucking. Anal using big toe. Tastes his toe. Anal for both. Anal & dildo in front at same time. Anal & eating at the Y. A2M. 2 handed choking. Rocco slaps ladies face. Squat dildo screwing & toe sucking. No hands BJ. Anal side-by-side. Les A2M. Facials. 8.80 3> Mokica & Amanda & Nacho & guy. Posing. Eating. Les eating. Strap-on dildo. No hands BJ. Screwing. Anal for both. Anal & clit solo. Gape. Anal for each. 2 open mouth facials & BJ clean offs. 9.00 4> 3 brunettes & Rocco & 2 guys in dark room. Kissing. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Screwing. Anal. A2M. Screwing. Rimming Rocco. Screw- ing. Anal. A2M. Open mouth facial. Les rim job. Choking & slapping 8.50 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: 08/15/2001. Good cast ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================