Nudes-A-Poppin 2001 July Visit

================================================================= 07/15/2001
Quote.............Very good day and lots of naked ladies!           

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Adara Michaels Oct 1996 'R' model. Angel (DG) Oct 1999 Busty natural brunette Lacey Logan May 2001 N-A-P Busty blonde. Teri Weigel Mar 1991 Playmate. Hot Tricia Devereaux Jan 1996 1996 Hottest New Star! ^ Trisha Uptown Jul 2001 N-A-P cute blonde. Veronica Knight Jun 2001 Cute honey blonde. E ============================================================================ Visitor...........CAVR Web Site Box 206 Dayton, Oh 45404-0206 Email ============================================================================ Left Dayton at 5:00am and arrived 3 1/2 hours later. (7:30am local time). The place was filling up already. All the 'good' spots around the fenced-in areas were taken, so I decided to just walk around. At a picnic table in front of the food area, I meet a guy from Indy who knew Larry of L&L and knows Jan B. and Mike. We talked about amateur tapes when 2 ladies from Kansas City sat with us. They both had just gotten their 'hoods' pierced and being the gentlemen we are, we asked to see them. No problem. Looked like a good job. They both said the pain was only slight. They decided to remove their tops and the day is off and running and it is now 8:00am. The entire day went like this. The picnic table area was also in front of public restrooms. I saw at least 100 ladies in this area. If they had tops on, the polite and proper thing to do at N-A-P is to ask them to show off the goodies. 95% of the ladies complied, happily. And when a lady shows the goodies, at least 40-50 guys with cameras show up immediately. Please remember that these are the ladies NOT in the show. At noon, I went over to the actual show. It is just like you see in the Buttman at N-A-P tapes and the DreamGirls tapes. I saw Jimmy for DG with his camcorder. Went to the back portion with the bleachers for the contestants to sit and rest. And, there she was, Tricia Devereaux! She was not a contestant this year, just shooting for Buttman. Looking good. I yelled Hi to her. She is still a 10! At 2:00 I decided that I had enough and was making one more last trip around when I ran into a good friend of mine from Dayton. Charlie was with a friend of his and they were having a good time with their camera's. I hung out with them and we had a ball getting the ladies walking around to show the goodies. They almost all did and we are talking about a complete variety of sizes, shapes, ages, nationalities, etc. But, the main thing, they were all there to have fun! We were at the main entrance point. As luck would have it, I saw Tricia coming out of a trailer and walking over to her car. I rudely went over and invaded her private space. I did feel bad about it, but how often does a guy get to talk to a star and a future Hall-of-Famer to boot! Tricia was very nice about it and agreed to pictures. Charlie really liked her also and he is not a fan of X-rated tapes. Tricia is one very nice person. I am not into gossip and she did tell me about a possible new Buttman project. But, I think it is okay to report, that she and John went to the Cubs games on Saturday. She appeared to be having a good time and I can tell you that she made my day! Left at 4:00pm local time and made it home at 8:30pm. It was a very long day, but well worth it. I basically spent the entire day outside the fenced-in area. I didn't even attempted to fight my way through the lines of people to get next to the fence to see the hot sexy lady contestants at the various posing platforms. I will get to see these fine ladies in the Buttman's and DreamGirls tapes. I did get to see 100+ ladies that no one will ever see on video, except in private use home movies. I am considering going back for the August 19th show! ============================================================================ Comments..........Visit on 07/15/2001. Roselawn, IN. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================