DVD Girls Home Alone #14

================================================================= 06/23/2001
Quote.............Good solo action on DVD. Some hot new ladies.     

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Anastasia X Dec 2000 Cute frizzy redhead. E Ashley Brooks Jun 2001 Hot light brunette. Autumn Wood Jun 2001 Busty honey blonde. E Ayla Apr 2001 Cute slim brunette. Casey Klein Nov 1998 Brunette. Big woman. Krista Leigh Dec 1997 Cute actress. Kristy Love May 2001 Hot busty blonde. E Olympia (Moore) Mar 2001 Cute brunette. Sexual Apr 2001 Cute Asian. Summer Storm Mar 2001 Blonde. Large tattoo. Tegan Quinn Jun 2001 Hot brunette. Rings. ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Wildlife Productions Web Site 8501 Canoga Ave. Unit B Canoga Park CA 91304 Email Producer/Director.Bobby Rinaldi Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Solo Points............ 8.67 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ Play Movie VHS and DVD released at the same time. Good solo 8.74 action with a bunch of newbies. Movie Review Chapter Menu Standard DVD feature that allows you to select the scene you want to view. Choices 1 to 10. Photo Gallery Extra. 16 1/2 sized pictures from the movie. Under your control via clicking on: Previous. Next or Main Menu. Company Info Page with their company address & phone numbers and their Canadian distributor. Web Info Page with their web site URL. Wildlife ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good solo action with all the ladies doing a good job. There is not that many solo tapes and it is really hard for solo tapes to rate high. But, this is a good one with the ladies talking nasty as they do their thing. DVD. Good picture color and good sound. Nice boxcover with all 11 of the ladies on it. Not much in the way of extra's, but overall a pretty good DVD. 8.60 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: March 2001. DVD date: June 2001. ============================================================================ Reviewed By.......www.cavr.com den@cavr.com ============================================================================
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