Girls of Penthouse #04

================================================================= 06/12/2001
Quote.............Too bad about the poor picture quality & no audio!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Aria Giovanni Mar 2001 Hot beautiful brunette Devinn Lane Aug 1999 Cute brunette. Nips! E Devon Davis Oct 1998 Cute blonde. E Tera Patrick Jul 1999 2000 Fan Favorite! ^ ============================================================================ Distributed By....Penthouse Video 4000 West Alameda Burbank CA 91505 Producer..........Lester Wesbrod Director..........Nicholas Guccione Supplied By.......Rental Minutes...........56 Quality/Lighting..Fair Rating............R Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 2.75 (Scale is 1.00 to 5.00) ============================================================================ 1> Devon a> Yellow panties & dark blue mid-driff top & lollipop. Poses & teases. Raises top. Shows her boob. Lowers panties. Teases bottomless. Puts on sunglasses. Teases. Poses. b> Lowcut red dress. Topless. Long feature. Black panties. Poses & teases. Spreads and show the goodies. c> Pink bikini. Outdoors. Poses & teases. Topless. Lots of posing and teasing. Notes: Picture quality is faded and appears to be with some type of 'mood' filter. No audio, just music track! Devon is (or was) a Vivid Girl. 2> Tera a> Nude with hair up. Sinks into bathtub. Touches herself. Plays with soap suds. Stands up and looks directly into camera. b> Black topless bikini. Pours lotion on her great breasts. Bottomless. Nice french cut bush. Plays with boobs & ass. Poses with legs spread. c> Tera in black hot fetish outfit and a topless Aria in weight room. Tera dominates her, lightly spanks her. Tera kisses her ass cheek. Tera ties Aria's hands to the dancer's bar. Tera licks Aria's boobs. Tera moves Aria's panties aside and put her head close to her bush, drools on it. Now Aria is topless & dominates a nude Tera. Both have studded chokers on. Notes: Picture quality has a yellow tint to get and is not very sharp. Has faded look. No audio, just music track! Tera is a Digital Playgrounds Girl and multiple award winner. 3> Aria a> Hot black sexy dress. In front of fireplace. Poses topless on chair. Touches boobs. Spreads & shows the goodies. b> In hot sexy black see-through outfit. In smokey room. Poses and teases. Touching breasts. Spreads and shows the goodies. c> Black bra & sarong outfit on bed. Poses and teases. Topless. Teases. Touches her boobs. Black panties. Bottomless. Touches herself. Notes: Picture quality is worse that scenes 1 and 2. Yellow tint and very smokey with a faded look. No audio, just music track! Aria is an Andrew Blake Girl. 4> Devinn a> Red dress in dark room. Poses & teases. Lowers panties. Touches herself. Spreads & shows the goodies. b> Hot white see-through dress. Lowers top & touches boobs. Powders her breasts. Topless. Dress around her eyes as a blindfold. c> Nude in room. Touches her body. Spanks her ass. Hands handcuffed behind her. Notes: Picture quality is faded with a yellow tint to it. No audio, just music track. Devinn is a Wicked Pictures Girl. 5> Finale Devon & Tera & Devinn in hot tub. Very dark footage with yellow tint. Devon sucks Devinn's tits. Devinn sucks Devon. Devinn sucks Devon's left breast as Tera sucks Devon's right breast. Devinn pours candle wax on Devon. Tera & Devon kiss. The ladies play around. Notes: The ladies are beautiful in this one and even though I will not tell you who I voted for as Pet of the Year, you probably know. But, this is not a very good tape. Complaint #1 - Picture Quality ======================================================= I don't know why they decided to use 'mood' filters for the picture quality? Man, when you have 4 beautiful ladies, let me see them in sharp crystal clear video quality! Complaint #2 - No audio ======================================================= Why can't we hear the ladies? I am sorry, but I want to hear the live audio! Rating ======================================================= The movie itself would rate a 4.25 Poor video quality 1.00- No audio .50- ..... 2.75 ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date: June 12, 2001. Good ladies ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================
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