Kiki Will Seduce You

================================================================= 02/23/2001
Quote.............Another good 'amateur style' tape! Tiger Eye Video

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Keki D'Aire Apr 1999 Cute. Honey blonde. E ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Tiger Eye Video Web Site P.O. Box 75965 Los Angeles CA 90075 Email Producer/Director.None Minutes...........59 Quality/Lighting..Excellent Rating............XXX Amateur Category..........Solo Points............ 8.50 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ 1> Keki. In pink sexy robe. Removes it and she has a hot sexy teddi on with hi-heels. Topless. 36DD's. Talks to camera guy. Nude. Poses. Spread wide open poses. Super close ups. Guy cups her breasts. 'You are big enough for Busty magazine'. She teases him and the camera. Does some yoga poses. Good camera work. Keki does a real good job talking & teasing as she does her stretching. She is NOT a big boob dummy, quite intelligent. Talks about her early sex life. She started with girls & still like them! She teases guy as says, 'Hi, Mr. Happy'. 2> Keki on stairs in hot pink short shorts & white top. Strips slowly to full nidity. 3> Keki on deck. Hot yellow short skirt & white blouse. Teases. Talks. No panties. Clit play. Topless teasing. 4> In bathtub. Nude. Teases. Washes her big boobs. Spanks her boobies. Talks more about sex. Teases. Talks about her BJ techniques. Spreads & shows the pink. On the tub's edge, clit solo & playing. Under water, solo. Fingering doggy position. 5> On bed. Sexy skimpy outfit. Nude. Clit solo. Dildo BJ. He uses pocket rocket on her clit & then she uses it & shows him. Dildo solo with good in & out action & vib on clit. Tastes the dildo. 'Perfect'. More ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date: Feb. 2001. Good actress ID. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================
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