ECVS (East Coast Video Show) Day 1

Conclusion..........Lots of fun talking to the ladies.

=================== Name ================== Debut Notes =================== Stars...............Alexandra Silk 96/07. Brunette hot performer Bunny Luv 99/08. Real cute. Natural. Dee 97/06. Class. Sexy. Great bod Gina Lynn 00/03. Cute. Auburn. Busty. E Jessica Darlin 97/11. Blonde does-it-all. Lexi (Black) 00/06. Black. Cute & busty. Luscious 99/11. Black. Cute. Tit rings Maya DeVine 99/04. Cute busty blonde. E Nikki Fairchild 99/04. Black. Hot. Cute. E Nina Hartley 88/01. Hall of Famer. E Paizley Adams (Bobbie) 99/08. Cute natural brunette Samantha 00/01. Cute slim blonde. Selena (Cesar) 99/11. Black. Light hair. Serenity 94/04. 1999 Image Winner. E Sunset Thomas 91/10. Cute perky blonde. E Tabitha Stevens 96/02. Real cute blonde. E Tera Patrick 99/07. 1999 Hottest New Star! Tricia Devereaux 96/01. 1996 Best New Starlet Vanessa Del Rio 84/01. Hall of Famer ============================================================================ Review Date.........09/26/2000 Distributed By......CAVR Web Site Address.............Box 206 City State Zip......Dayton Oh 45404-0206 Producer/Director...None Supplied By.........Den Minutes.............90 Quality/Lighting....Good Rating..............R Pro Category............Boy/Girl Points.............. 1.00 (Scale is 1.00 to 5.00) ============================================================================ Visit East Coast Video Show on 09/26/2000 10:00am - 2:00pm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dee She was outside show waiting for the doors to open. She was very nice and talked with me for about 10 minutes. She is still as nice as they come and as hot looking as ever. Tabitha She was with Dee anf we had a real nice conversation. She is very petite, much more so than in her videos. She told me all about the her behind the scenes commentary on her hot DVD, F..k'em All. She did it in one session with no breaks. Nikki She was with Dee and is managed by Rob. Very pretty lady and somewhat shy. She is fairly new to the business. Tera She was in the process of setting up her booth with help from Samantha Lewis, VP for Digital Playground and Adella O'Neil one of the best public relations manager's in the business. Tera looked fabulous and is as nice as can be. She told me all about her internet TV show (The Tera Show). Presented her with the Best New 1999 Star throphy. Tera is the hottest new lady in the business since Christy Canyon! Walking by her booth later, I would estimate that Tera had the longest lines of people standing in line to visit with her. Serenity Looking as good as ever and as nice as can be. This is one classy lady. She always takes time to talk to her many fans. Presented her with the Best Image 1999 throphy. Tricia Her and John Stagliano were in the process of setting up the Evil Angel booth. They both took time to talk to me and that was very nice. Tricia is one of my all time favorites and it was nice to talk to her. She told me that she does answer all of her email and that she gets a ton of fan emails everyday. She's looking really cute wearing her glasses. Jewel She had lots of people standing in line to visit with her. Looking as good as ever and as nice as ever. She still has that shyness about her. Presented her with the Best Star of 1999 throphy. I also told her that Electric Sex won for best 1999 DVD and she said she also thought it was a very good DVD. Bunny She is very popular and many people standing in line had her Barely Legal DVD and had her autograph the boxcover. She has been making appearances for Hustler magazine and I told her that I heard her on local Cincinnati station and they were calling her the Hustler Honey of the Year. Bobbie She is now with Vivid and has changed her name from Bobbie to Paizley Adams to her new name of Cassidy. Sure hope she continues to be as wild and hot as she has been when she did movies for others. Jessica Looking very good. Talked to her briefly and told her that I supported her and her hubby Luis Cypher in the internal battle at Extreme Associates. Rob Black was there with a group of wrestlers. I waited to talk to him, but he was on a cell phone and very busy. Cesar This all black video company had 3 of their hot ladies at Video the booth and they were showing their very hardcore movies in the booth. They do have hot tapes. When the fans asked for a picture, they refused. Don't know if they were joking or not, but they said they charged for photo's. None of the other ladies charged for photo's. Vanessa Looking as good as ever and bustier than ever. And, she sure was having a hard time keeping those beauties contained! She continues to be one of the all time fan favorites! Others Instead of standing in the lines to get autographs, I spent alot ot time walking around observing. It is a very interesting show and it is great for the fans. The ladies appear to really enjoy talking to the people and very willing to leave the booth and pose for pictures with them. Some of the many others at the show: * Dayton Rain * Anna Malle * Maya Devine * Christi Lake * Chloe * Micki Lynn * Juli Ashton * Coral Sands * Devinn Lane * Samantha * Temptress * Kira Kennar * Stephanie Swift * Lizzy Borden * Monique * Syren Guys Yes, the guys showed up also: * Dirty Bob * Luc Wylder * Rodney Moore * Tom Byron * Ron Jeremy * Rick Savage * Rob * Bill Margold * Hank Armstrong * Mark Archer * Max Hardcore * Gene Ross * Mark Kernes Special Peter van Aarle. Probably the most knowledgeable person in the industry. Knows all about tapes and stars. Has helped me very much over the years. We only see one another at ECVS and CES, but it is a joy to walk with him. He knows every star and is always giving me tips. And, when I have computer problems, Peter always comes up with the answer. Plus, he did a fan scene with Christi Lake! Dirty Bob. Has been a friend for years and still remains one of the best reviewers of all time. Gee, he is even becoming quite a personality also! Scott Kinney. Another very knowledgeable person and a real expert on the foreign tapes and especially those tapes that are of a 'Euro' style, if you know what I mean. A fun person to talk to and always gives me good ideas. Bobby Rinaldi. Just saw him walking around and I stopped him to say hello. He took time to talk with me. He is very nice. I thanked him for all of his tapes, but especially his Screw My Wife, Please! series. Rob. He is now mostly behind the scenes and is in fact the manager for some of the hot new ladies coming into the business. In fact, he worked a deal while I was talking to him! Rob, of course, is the luckiest man on this earth because he is married to Dee! Rodney Moore. He was just walking around & I stopped him to say hi. Told him how much I appreciated him doing his little scenario's and how much I enjoyed him using some ladies in there 30's such as Rubee Tuesday. Presented Rodney with Best Director throphy. Don't want to start any rumors, but I did see Rodney talking to the exotic looking new lady, Nikki Fairchild! Mike South. This is the first show I have ever attended that Mike was not in attendance. Missed you Mike. ============================================================================ Comments............Floor Show coverage. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================