Golden Guzzlers #01

=================== Name ================== Debut  Notes ===================
Stars...............Allison Kilgore         98/08. Cute busty blonde.   E
                    Blair Segall            98/05. Hot cute redhead.     
                    Bobbi Bliss             97/07. Good looking brunette.
                    Jessica Jewel           98/03. Hot sultry brunette. E
                    McKenna                 98/10. Cute brunette.
                    Regan Starr             98/07. Cute. Natural.
                    Dalny Marga             95/06. Hot blonde.          E
                    Raquel DeVine           98/03. Blonde . brunette.   E
                    Candy Hill              97/10. Does-it-all blonde.  E
                    Blazer                  98/06. Blonde. Big tits,    E
                    Elena                   97/09. Hot Russian blonde.
Review Date.........06/12/2000
Distributed By......Film West Video               Web Site
Address.............686 South Arroyo Parkway      
City State Zip......Pasadena           CA 91105     
Producer/Director...Max Hardcore                  
Rating..............XXX  Pro    
Points.............. 6.00      (Scale is 6.00  to  10.00)
 1> Allison & Max. Outdoors on picnic table. 'Yes, Mister'. Fingers her.     
      Screwing on her back. Fingers her ass. Smokes cigarette. Anal on       
      her back. No hands BJ as she squats & pees. She sits on toilet &       
      Max pees on her shaved box. She pees into toilet. No cumshot.     
 2> Michaela & Max in bedroom. Wearing glasses. No hands BJ & deepthroat.    
      'Come on Mister, piss in my mouth'. Very poorly done fake!       
 3> Jessica & Max. At front door. Playing around. 'Come on Mister, pee       
      in my mouth'. A better fake this time, but still quite faked. Then     
      Jessica is on all 4's & Max really does pee on her a-hole. Then        
      another fake open mouth pee scene.                               
 4> Blair & Max on sofa. No hands BJ. Bubbles. Anal on her back. She in      
      tub & Max off camera fake pees on her.                           
 5> Bobbi & Max. No hands BJ. Deepthroat. Rims Max. Max fists her to his     
      knuckles, but really hard to see with camera view from the side.       
      Bobbi fists herself, but only to beginning of her knuckles as she      
      gets open mouth facial. Bobbi with mouth open as Max fake pees in      
      her mouth. Not even close to being real. The water shooting out is     
      behind is penis & doesn't even 'line up'. Bobbi pees for real.   
 6> Lena. Nude. Max plays with her tits. Shaved box. 'I am going to help     
      you pee Mister'. Another fake pee into her mouth. BJ/handjob.    
 7> Dalny. Uses lighted speculum on her. Anal doggy position with solo
      dildo in vag. 'F..k my ass Mister'. Open mouth facial. Pees in the
      speculum inserted into her. Another fake.                        
 8> Raquel. Stands outdoors & then squats and pees.                    
 9> Candy & Max outdoors. Fingers her ass. Anal doggy position. Anal on
      her back & dildo in vag. Anal on her back as she pees. She pees
      a couple of times. No cumshot.                                   
10> Blazer & Max. Anal reverse cowgirl, on her belly. Cums on her ass.
      Fake pee shot in her open mouth. Pees on her ass.                
11> Regan. Screwing on doorsteps. BJ/handjob. Fake peeing into her
      open mouth.                                                      
12> McKenna & Max. In office. BJ/handjob. 4 fingers her mouth. 4 fing-
      ers her. Rims Max. Anal reverse cowgirl. Anal doggy position &
      dildo in vag. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Fake open mouth pee.     
13> Elena & Max outdoors. Before her boob job. No hands BJ. Screwing.
      Anal reverse cowgirl & dildo in vag. Anal doggy position. Cums
      on her ass. Fake pee shot for her open mouth. Another fake pee
      on her ass cheeks.
Conclusion..........Sorry folks, but this is all fake & poorly done!  
Comments............No production date given.
                    But, does say copyright date of 1998.