Roadshow: Jenna Jameson

=================== Name ================== Debut  Notes ===================
Stars...............Jenna Jameson           94/08. Lots of TV. Big star.E
                    Felecia                 92/04. Does-it-all. Les.     
                    Kylie Ireland           95/05. Cute blonde.         E
                    Jill Kelly              95/06. Cute blonde.         E
Review Date.........03/15/2000
Distributed By......Universal Music & Video Dist. 
Producer............Edge Films Production
                    7551 Sunset Blvd
                    Los Angeles, CA 90046
Director............None Listd
Supplied By.........Video Castle - Rental           
Points.............. 4.00      (Scale is 1.00  to  5.00)
This is a video documentary of Jenna on the road. The footage of her        
     on stage is pretty dark, but it is used to show us what her act        
     is all about. The rest of the footage is good quality.                 
 1> Jenna being interviewed. Has 3 houses and 6 cars. Jenna on her          
      movies, 'I do not just f..k, I have to act'.                          
 2> Jenna on a set talking to Jon Dough and studying her lines. 'The        
      sex is certainly fun'. Talks to Felecia. Brad Armstrong in a          
      scene, nude. But they block out his privates. Jill talks to           
      Jenna. Jenna flashes a boob. Jenna getting her hair made up.          
      Kylie & Felecia in make up. 'Dancing is my first love'.               
 3> Jenna & Peter North signing at a store in Orlando. Jenna walking        
      around a video store looking at the new releases.                     
 4> Jenna in Clearwater. Talking to camera. Jenna on stage doing her        
      stage act. Strips down to a hot biniki. Removes her top and has       
      reflective pasties on. Floor work. 'Money does not matter'.           
 5> Jenna in Pittsburgh. Topless in her hotelroom. Room is a real mess.     
      Jenna getting dressed. Talks about her nipples being sore from        
      the pasties. Jenna at club doing her stage act. Strips to her         
      panties and topless bra with pasties on. Light show.
 6> Jenna on radio show. Talks about her show being nastier than most
      ladies. 'I do a cool spit thing'. Shows clip of her on stage
      as she spits on her crotch. Talks about a guy on set who farts
      on the set. Her speciality is her spit. She prefers men on
      film, but ladies at home. She is 50/50.
 7> Jenna in a metal outfit including head gear. Introduced to the
      crowd. Jenna throws a fit. 'What the f..k is wrong with this
      guy'. She goes on stage & performs real well. Pole dancing.
      It is real dark, but she goes topless without pasties and then
      full nudity. She moves all over the floor in an energetic act.
 8> Jenna in her room and talking on telephone to a lady about some
      guy. 'He is a player'.
 9> Jenna on radio show. They talk about with Jasmin St. Clair and
      Raquel Darrien. She shows the guys her tattoo on her ass
      cheek. Her dog Stinky is with her. They discuss Jill Kelly's
      tattoo. They show a scene of Jill. They discuss $. They discuss
      rumors of her marriage. 'I am normal'. Lap dances with Jenna
      costs $300.00 to $500.00. (A little bit out of my range). They
      talk about the tattoo on her neck.
10> Jenna in France with Brad Armstrong riding in a car. Jenna walking
      down the street. Jenna talking in French. Jenna in fast food
      restuarant. Jenna topless with lady applying make up to her
      boobs. Jenna poses topless on a set. Jenna sightseeing. Jenna
      eating dinner. Jenna at night in front of the famous tower.
11> Jenna in France and visits a swingers club. Looks at the fetish
      items. Jenna in a stage. Jenna outdoors walking. Jenna poses at
      a video store. Jenna cleaning her super hi-heel boots. Jenna
      poses with a fan. Jenna topless as she poses.
12> Jenna on stage in France. Jenna does a stage act. Lots of strobe
      lights. Strips to panties and bra outfit. Topless dancing on
      the stage. Floor work.
13> Jenna topless on sofa sitting on a guys lap. Real dark and grainy
      video. Looks like she might be nude. Looks like she is nude
      and posing with the guys for pictures.
14> Jenna nude on black sofa with good quality. She is backstage getting
      getting ready for her next act. Appears to be in a bad mood.
      Jenna dancing on stage in pink outfit. Strips off her top and
      then her bottoms. Dances nude on this real dark stage. 
Credits     Created by............Steven Antoniou
                                  Bika Pucs
            Cameras...............Jenna Jameson
                                  Brad Armstrong
                                  Don Sierra
                                  Barry Wine
            Edited by.............Casual T
            Music by..............Glenn Hayes
            Executive Producers...Bika Pucs
                                  Lee Petomane
Comments............Production date: 01/19/2000.