Girl Next Door, The

Stars..Stacy Valentine and a bunch of porn stars in non-sex roles.
Review Date.........02/13/2000
Distributed By......Indican Pictures              
Address.............8205 Santa Monica Blvd #430   
City State Zip......Los Angeles        CA 90046-5912
Producer............Cafe Sisters Production
                    Berns Brothers Productions
                    Adam Berns
                    Eren McGinnis
                    Christine Fugate
Director............Christine Fugate
Supplied By.........Indican Pictures screener              
Rating..............R    Pro    
Points.............. 4.50      (Scale is 1.00  to  5.00)
This is a very good documentary on how a housewife from the Midwest         
     moves to Hollywood and becomes a major Porn Star.                      
There was a complete press release package sent with this video that        
     includes other movie reviews. The reviews are very well written        
     and far exceed anything that I could possible write.                   
My review will be basically like all of my reviews, my notes as I           
     watch this tape.                                                       
I did look at this tape first and then put it aside for a few days to       
     decide what to do. My first blush is to give this 'R' rated video      
     the highest possible rating of 5.00!                                   
I look forward to the reviews from Dirty Bob and Roger Pipe. They are       
     both very good reviewers and will give you a much better feel for      
     this very good documentary. The following is my 'review':              
Opening scenes has Stacy on a set with all the behind the scenes action
   of the various people getting her ready for a video shoot.
Stacy on bed talking to camera about her sexuality. Then some baby
   pictures home footage of her 26 years earlier. She talks of her
   strong love of her Mother. Pictures of her growing up in Oklahoma.
   Talks of her husband who introduced her to porn via various adult
   magazines. He talked her into submitting a topless photo to magazine
   and she won monthly contest. Topless photo of Stacy in her all
   natural best. She then goes to Hustler to shoot and we get to see
   her Hustler magazine covergirl picture. She does a shoot with a
   guy. Back home, her hubby is pissed. She leaves him and this is
   recreated in A Little Piece of My Heart from Metro Pictures and
   Tom Byron playing her husband. Stacy leaves and heads West.
Stacy signs with a manager February 1997, Jack Gallagher. Jack talks
   about Stacy. They talk about tattoo's. He talks about her pay rates.
San Fernando Valley, California. Stacy talks to Fred Lincoln and Alec
   Metro. Stacy nude poolside. Stacy & Alec in a sex scene with the
   camera back to take in the entire crew. Ants attack. Stacy back in
Stacy talks about the adult business. Get into only if you like sex,
   not just for the money.  'People do not want to see some dead f..k
   just laying there.'
Stacy on another porn shoot. Stacy talks about her work. She doesn't
   date and she wants to be famous. Hot white dress topless photo shoot.
   Be proud of what you do. She shows off her cardboard box of adult
   toys. Stacy on her computer looking at her web site.
Stacy talks about her implants. They show picture of her with original
   equipment. This will be her 2nd set of implants. They are big. Poses
   in her room topless and talks about her upcoming plastic surgery.
   They show her in Doctor's office as he marks her body up with pen
   to indicate the new improvements. On her boob it says 800 to 600.
   You might want to fast forward here. They actually show the surgery
   and it is hard to watch. They show the removal of her old implant
   and the stuffing of her new implants. Next we see Stacy in a chair
   as she just wakes up from surgery.
Stacy invites us to her new house and her new live-in boyfriend,
   Julian. 6 weeks later she loves her new smaller boobs. Stacy & Julian
   grocery store shopping. Talks about trust.
Stacy topless fills out AIDS test form on set. Stacy's co-star guy is a
   no show. Jane Hamilton (Veronica Hart) talks about the problem.
   Valentino talks to Stacy. Stacy & John Decker scene.
Stacy & Julian talk about their relationships. Tye and Julian in a brief
   scene from Hanky Panky a Metro release.
Erotica L.A. fan convention footage. Stacy signing autograph pictures
   and poses for pictures with her fans.
Stacy in tanning booth. Topless posing. Stacy driving her car. Stacy in
   pink pigs outfit.
Stacy & Tiffany Mynx in live sex internet broadcast. Stacy talks about
   being with women. Short scene of Stacy & Nina Hartley on bed.
Las Vegas January 1998. Stacy in her room. Talks about her 5 AVN
   nominations and how she wants to win Female Performer of the Year
   Award. Stacy signing at CES. Brittany Andrews talks to Julian.
   Stacy goes AVN Awards show. Stacy's Mom & Stepfather at show.
   Stacy didn't win and is quite naturally disappointed.
Stacy on another set with behind the scene footage. Stacy is in a real
   funk. 'My sex level is zero!'
Stacy explains her neck tattoo & her leg tattoo. Stacy now gets more
   surgery, this time to her lips are enlarged.
Stacy talks to her shrink. She talks about the struggles of being a porn
   star and also being just a normal person.
Stacy goes home. Mother interview. Mother & daughter talking. Stacy's
   best friend talks about Stacy. Stacy tells her about her first DP.
   Your best friend had never heard of double penetration. Stepfather
   & Mom talk about her movie career. Stacy & Mom having fun together.
Stacy & Julian talking together. On set together. Stacy about to take
   a douche and she explains why. Doing a scene outdoors.
Cannes, France May 1998. Stacy poses outdoors with her fans. Stacy being
   interviewed for TV. Stacy & Jenna Jameson & Mark Davis interviewed.
   Julian & Stacy together. Stacy goes on a date with a wealthy fan.
   Stacy WINS Hot D'Or Award. Stacy calls her Mom and tells her she won
   the Best American Starlet Award.
AIM footage. Sharon Mitchell talks about testing. Stacy & Julian talk
   about getting married. Stacy does scene with Brandon Iron as Julian
   watches. Trouble on the set.
Stacy is dumped by Julian and she takes it hard.
Stacy signs exclusive contract with VCA Pictures. She poses with their
   other contract ladies, Vicca, Nikita, Kylie Ireland and Juli Ashton.
Conclusion..........This is a very good documentary. It shows that Porn
                    Stars, as beautiful as they are, and as loved as they
                    are by their legions of fans, are basically just like
                    normal people. This tape has it's up and downs and is
                    very well put together. I was really tempted to give
                    it a perfect 5.00 out of 5.00. But, heck nothing can
                    be perfect and this gives Christine something to shoot
                    for in her next video adventures!
                    You will love this documentary no matter what your
                    prior fan interest in Stacy. Check it out!
Comments............Opens at Manhattan Screening Room April 14, 2000.
                    'From housewife to porn star'.
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