East Coast Video Show 1999 - Day Two

The stars love to give autographs & talk to fans.                 10/06/1999
Studio............CAVR                                              R     Am
                  Dayton             Oh 45404                         
Supplied By.......Den                           
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........180                                                    FAQ
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Abbeyxxx                Amateur blonde. Wild!   Jan 1999      
 Alexa Rae               Cute blonde. Tattoo. E  May 1999       CAVR Nominee
 Amber Michaels          Cute blonde. Tattoos E  Oct 1998      
 Amber Sexxxum           Cute FL blonde.      E  Feb 1998      
 Elle                    Hot brunette.           Feb 1999      
 Ginger Lynn             Cute Hall of Famer!     Jan 1984       CAVR Nominee
 Gloria Leonard          Hall of Famer.          Jan 1985       CAVR Nominee
 Helen Duval             Blonde Euro actress. E  Jan 1990      
 Houston                 Cute blonde.         E  Aug 1995      
 Jeanna Fine             Hot brunette.        E  Jan 1988      
 Jenna Jameson           2002 CAVR Favorite!  E  Aug 1994   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Kelly Jade              Brunette. Cute.         Jul 1998      
 Keri Windsor            Cute blonde. Sexy.   E  Feb 1999       CAVR Nominee
 Madelyn Knight          Hot Seymore Butts find  Aug 1995      
 Mary Jane (Black)       Black. Big tits.     E  Dec 1997      
 Ona Zee                 Hot mature actress.     Dec 1990      
 Rocki Roads             Stunning brunette.   E  Oct 1996      
 Sana Fey                Hot redhead actress. E  Apr 1997       CAVR Nominee
 Tawni Lyons             Amateur blonde.      E  Dec 1998      
CAVR visited the second day for only 1/2 the day. It appeared to be even    
     more crowded than on the opening day. I did see some new ladies, or    
     missed them on the first day. See above list.                          
CAVR had a real good trip and enjoyed meeting all the various people. I     
     want to especially thank:                                              
     * Dirty Bob      For the many introductions & help.                    
     * Mike South     For the many introductions and that 1 special         
                      introduction. And, thanks Mike for your support.      
     * Scott Taylor   For his support and for his very fine efforts in      
                      the DVD releases that make a DVD player a must.       
     * Bryan Lambert  For his support and for his letting me in on the      
                      tremendous amount of work required to produce a movie.
     * Gregg Alan     (Anabolic). For his letting me spend so much time     
                      with him & his background info on his various movies. 
     * Jim Gunn       After many many emails, we finally meet.              
     * Rodney Moore   For his support and of course for his movies.         
     * Luc Wylder     For his support and being a real person. (And, Alex)! 
     * Porn Stars     For being so nice and putting up with us perverts!    
     * Peter van      For his knowledge. There is nothing he doesn't        
       Aarle          know.                                                 
Comments.....Event date: 10/06/99.  11:00 am to 2:00 pm.           Email Den