East Coast Video Show 1999 - RAME Party

=================== Name ================== Debut  Notes ===================
Stars...............Alexandra Silk          96/07. Brunette hot performer
                    Amber Sexton            98/02. Cute Florida blonde  E
                    Ashley Heart            99/06. Cute. Busty. Hot!
                    Christi Lake            95/10. VX columnist.         
                    Niki Lae'               98/10. Exotic amateur.       
                    Nina Hartley            88/01. Hall of Famer.       E
                    Shayla La Veaux         92/05. Cute stripper/dancer E
Review Date.........10/05/1999
Distributed By......CAVR                          
Address.............Box 206                       
City State Zip......Dayton             Oh 45404-0206
Email Address.......den@cavr.com                         
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Supplied By.........Den                           
Rating..............R    Amateur
Points.............. 4.50      (Scale is 1.00  to  5.00)
Luc Wyler & Alexandra Silk are big supporters of Rec Arts Movies Erotica    
    newsgroup. One of the really great use groups on the intetnet! They     
    paid for this very nice get together that included food & drinks and    
    a surprise birthday cake for the one and only, Norris Smith. A very     
    special thanks to Jeff, Keeper of the FAQ and Peter van Aarle for their
    tireless efforts year in and year out moderating the RAME postings. And,
    they are both very nice people! (Missing from the party the other fine
    RAME moderators, Brad, Tim, Frans and Imperator).
Party attendance was probably 100+.
I loved the party. Nice conversations with many people including a CAVR     
    customer and fellow pervert! Shayla is brand new to computers and       
    had a ball talking to and questioning us about RAME. Alexandra was      
    passing out her Alexandra cookies, 'Please eat my cookies!'. YES!!
Luc is a regular guy and went around and talked to all of the people
    and was just like you see him talking in his videos. Others
    included Mike South (a real southern gentleman), Jim Gunn (who I
    just meet and is also a very nice person) and Rodney Moore (who is
    really a shy person and very friendly). And, my good friend Dirty
    Bob was there and he is good person also. I was amazed in that
    the porn people were just regular people and none of them had
    this 'I am a star complex'. I know I was nervous meeting them
    until I got a chance to actually talk to them.
I also talked to Bryan Lambert of Center Stage Productions and was
    blown away with his description of his newest amateur video that
    stars a Mother and Daughter scene! (No sex between them). And I
    talked with Scott of xxx-imports and we had a lengthy discussion
    of his very interesting Euro style videos!
My high lite Number 1.
    Niki Lae' was outstanding in her cute little sexy dress. She got
    got my attention immediately when I discovered that she didn't have      
    any panties on! She posed for the guys with cameras and damn if
    we didn't get a great close up of her clit ring. She then had a      
    gang of guys around her as she was telling all of us of her newest      
    solo video shoot. Something about not having any 'toys', but had        
    hubby go to local convience store to buy beer, in bottles!
    Then Jim Gunn brings Ashley Heart and introduces the ladies to one
    another. I had been 'eyeing' Ashley all day long because she is
    a real cutey with a see through top that revealed some of the
    biggest aeroles in the business. And, damn if they didn't talk
    for 5 minutes and then agreed to do a les scene together for the
    lucky Jim Gunn! I offered to do an instant review, but no such
    luck. I think this will be a good one. Niki told us she was going to
    get into it and I am sure she did!
    Niki also was suppose to get together with that lucky Rodney for
    an 'I Swallow' scene
    And, Niki might possibly get together with Scott Taylor of New
    Sensations to do something.
    She is a hot brunette with great body!
My high lite Number 2. I was sitting on sofa and watching the action when
    Nina & Alexandra were standing talking to one another with their
    backs to me and facing Luc. All 3 talked for 5-8 minutes and all the
    time that devil Nina had her hand back behind Alexandra and was
    doing her finger thing on Alexandra who was loving it! And, to the
    best of my knowledge, Luc didn't know what Nina was doing! There
    was one other guy next to me and we are the only 2 to see what was
    going on and we both were smiling ear to ear and giving one another
    thumbs up! Alexandra was really enjoying it and when they broke up
    she turned back to us 2 guys and smiled! (She new what we saw!).
The high lite of the party was Norris getting the birthday cake and
    having Shayla, Nina & Alexandra dance, strip and lap dance for
    him. Wonder if Norris would like to trade birthdays?
Conclusion..........My very first 'insider' party! Lots of fun!!!!!!!!
Comments............Party date: 10/05/99. Show Boat Casino.           
Reviewed By.........www.cavr.com                                den@cavr.com