New Rave Video Magazine #01

Cute idea. A video to promote their magazine.                     12/07/2097
Studio............Dreamland USA                                     Reviewer
Producer..........None                                               All Sex
Director..........Cash Markman                   
Distributor.......No Director                   
Camera............No camera ID
Points............ 8.66                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Morgan Fairlane               Deepthroat. Wild.       Jun 1996  CAVR Nominee
Nikki Neals                   Brunette. Tattoo's.  E  Jul 1997          
Nikki Sinn                    Hot mature blonde.   E  Jan 1992          
Randi Storm                   Always hot performer E  Jun 1995          
Toni James                    Real cute hot blonde E  Feb 1997  CAVR Nominee
Movie                                                                  Movie
Commercial for New Rave Video Magazine.                                     
1> Randi & Kyle. Kissing, BJ/handjob, no hands BJ, titty sucking, screw-    
   ing sitting on it facing camera, doggie position. Open mouth facial. 8.70
2> Morgan & Jay Ashley are outdoors as Nikki Neals & guy are screwing       
   indoors. Eating Morgan, BJ for Jay, screwing on her back, no hands BJ.   
   Screwing doggie position. He cums on her tattoo on her ass.          8.60
3> Nikki Neals & guy. On her knees BJ/handjob, eating her, fingering        
   her. Screwing on her back, sitting on it back to camera, doggie pos-     
   ition. He pulls out and cum into her open mouth. Lots of cum.        8.60
4> Toni & Joel Lawrence. Kissing, titty sucking, eating & fingering her.    
   On her knees no hands BJ. Sitting safe screwing, on her back with legs   
   up, doggie position, on her back. He pulls out & cums on her belly.  8.60
5> Nikki Sinn interview & smoking a cigeratte & Brian Surewwod & guy.       
   Titty sucking, eating her, eating & BJ, no hands BJ. Screwing & BJ.      
   Anal doggie style. He cums on her ass.                               8.80
   Note: This is a good promising new series. It is not quite as hot as     
         other tapes, but it does have a nice feel to it. Hope they do      
         more. They forgot to ID Morgan Fairlane on the tape.               
First Duplication date: 11-06-97                                       Email