Rodney Blasts the Stars

Stars...............Ashley Shye               Christi Lake             
                    K.C.                      Kennedy                  
                    Lil' Lee                  Lovette                  
                    Lynx Dyan                 Nadia Nyce               
                    Shanna McCullough         Shawna Edwards           
Review Date.........06/22/1997
Company.............Odyssey Group Film            
Producer/Director...Rodney Moore                  
Rating..............XXX  Pro    
Points.............. 9.00 
0> Lovette open with the cute story line of this video. She doesn't
   do amateur stuff, only the pro's. 
1> K.C. opens with a dual headed vib in her both holes. Rodney screws       
   her doggie style in the ass. She turns around for A2M BJ.                
2> Shanna does a cool scene about how she doesn't do gonzo video. Where's   
   the script, where's the crew? She strips. Nice tan line. Rodney eats     
   her out, screwing, solo, BJ, no hands BJ, doggie position screwing, BJ.  
   Screwing doggie sytle & Wolf gets BJ. Dual BJ's. Super closeups. Facials.
3> K.C., Ashley & Lil' in a yard on hands and knees going around in a circle
   and stopping to give Rodney a BJ. Very cool. Then all 3 give a group BJ. 
   Lil gives a sloppy BJ and the drool runs off into K.C,'s mouth who is    
   underneath. P2M.                                                         
4> Kennedy is a sexy black actress in her debut. Cute all natural body with 
   nice medium sized tits. BJ, no hands BJ, lots of drool, sunglasses BJ    
   Rodney blast facial. Lots of cum all over her face. Lots of cum!!!!      
5> Christi. She promotes 2 of her videos. Shows her tits. Handjob, solo,    
   he eats her ass, BJ, no hands BJ, ball sucking, uses her toes on him.    
   Eating, screwing, Wolf BJ, dual BJ's, screwing. Cums in her. Facials!    
   Lots of cum is all over her face. 
6> K.C., Ashley & Lil' do their group scene on Wolf. BJ, anal!. Hot!        
7> Shawna & hubby Joey. No hands BJ, lots of anal. Shawna is hot.           
8> Lovette & Rodney outdoors. BJ, toe sucking. Screwing. Rodney blast.      
   Wolf gets a hot BJ, no hands BJ, screwing & hot facial climax.
9> Lynx & Nadia in a hot les scene. Rodney blasts into Nadia's face for
   a hot creamy facial. Lots of cum.
Conclusion..........Cute storyline. Hot performances. Lots of cum.    
                    Because of limitations of my data base program, it
                    was not possible to go into more depth into this
                    very fine video. Even though it sometimes appears
                    that Rodney is doing the same old thing, check out
                    his story line and you will find that he is doing some
                    cool innovative things. The dialog in this one has a
                    good point and the action is hot. The only complaint
                    is that he Christi Lake, not Christy Lake.
Comments............Production date: 03/97. Very good graphics and split       
                    screen is very nice.
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